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Every time you make a choice, there is a consequence. One of the most common consequences of choosing to engage in sexual activity is catching a Sexually Transmitted Infection.

  • Age Range Most At Risk:
    15-25 year olds.
  • New Yearly UK Infections: 1 million

Every year the number of teens with STIs rises.

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  • Some of the most common STIs are:

    Chlamydia, Herpes, Genital Warts, Gonorrhoea, and Syphilis

Many STIs can be treated easily if the doctor finds the infection early on. However, if left untreated, many can cause severe health problems including infertility.

  • 1 in 10 teens in the UK has Chlamydia
  • Chlamydia can cause permanent infertility
  • Chlamydia often has no symptoms, so many people don’t know they have it

The more sexual partners you choose to have, the more likely your risk of getting an STI. That is because you are exposed to all of your partner’s past partner’s germs as well.

If you think you may have caught an STI, it is very important to see your GP to get tested. After you have been treated, the best way to protect your health in the future is to change your behavior.

Condoms cannot protect you against all STIs. That is because some are spread by skin to skin contact and the condom cannot cover all of the affected areas.

Also, you don’t have to have intercourse to catch an STI! Some can be spread through touch and contact with the genital areas.

The only 100% safe method of sex is to wait until you are in a loving, faithful relationship like marriage. Think about it! You’re worth it!


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